In the 21st century, all the information available at the moment is collected on the Internet. There is a huge amount of photos, music, games and applications. However, users often need to download materials to computers, laptops, or phones. But some files can be quite large and swing for a very long time. In this case, the free download manager Download Accelerator Plus comes to the rescue. This program downloads files to your PC or laptop much faster than if you downloaded them using a browser. Download the official version of the Download Accelerator Plus app for free from our website. 

About the program

The utility combines a huge number of useful functions and features:

  • Simplifies and speeds up the process of downloading files by dividing them into parts so that the download goes faster. Downloads these parts from several servers at once and at the same time. The download speed of even very large files increases significantly.
  • Supports a large number of file formats. Download games, pictures, videos, apps, archives, and more.
  • Works with all popular and not so popular browsers. Download information from any browser and server using this utility.
  • Resuming the download from the stop point in case of a forced stop or failure in the form of an Internet outage or problems in the operation of the device.
  • Intuitive application with a nice interface. Work in the program without problems and misunderstandings, suitable for people who do not understand computers.
  • Play videos, music, and open photos right during the download.
  • Multilingual utility. Set the language you need in the settings and enjoy working in the application in a language that you understand.
  • Notifies about the end of the download. It is also possible to set the device or application shutdown function after the download is complete.
  • Checking downloaded files with the built-in antivirus for malware, crashes or viruses that may interfere with the operation of the device.
  • A lightweight utility that does not interfere with the operation of your device's OS.


Download Accelerator Plus is an indispensable assistant for every user who wants to save their time and optimize the process of downloading files to their devices. Install Download Accelerator Plus for free to your PC, laptop, or smartphone.